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HMAS Vendetta at Napier
Napier was visited by HMAS Vampire and Vendetta over Labour Weekend, October 1962. Can just make out the shape of 'Vampire' in the background. NZSCo's Rakaia witnessed the occasion. Always thought the 'Daring' class of destroyers among the most handsome ever built.
Built: 1954 Cockatoo, Sydney
Tonnage: 2,800/3,600
Machinery: 2-shaft geared turbines, S.H.P. 54,000=34.75knots
Armament(1962) 4-Seacat(1x4)G.W.S. 6-4.5inch DP(3x2)
4-40mm. AA(2x2) guns; 5-21inch TT(1x5); 1-ATW Limbo
Complement: 295

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Vendetta was built at Williamstown Naval Dockyard, Vampire at Cockatoo Docks in Sydney. All other details above are correct. Not nit picking, just correcting. And yes, the Darings were lovely to look at, except for that awful For'd funnel.

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Thanks Oz--in agreement on all counts--normal 'raked' funnel would have enhanced appearance.
Regards, Brent

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