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Yes it is at Gosport my home town. Even one of the two floating bridges that operated is out of the water on one of the two slipways just to the right.

The church tower was a prominent feature until the blocks of flats were built.

Also found about the sub:

HMS Andrew (P423), was an Amphion-class submarine of the Royal Navy, built by Vickers Armstrong and launched on 6 April 1946.

The submarine was fitted with a 4 inch deck gun in 1964 for service during the Indonesia–Malaysia confrontation to counter blockade running junks[1]. The gun was fired for the last time in December 1974.[2]

HMS Andrew made several claims to submarine history:

* she was the oldest submarine of the Amphion class in service
* she was the last UK submarine to carry a deck gun
* she was the last submarine designed during the Second World War remaining in service
* she was the first submarine to cross the Atlantic submerged using the "snort", in June 1953. The 2,500-nautical-mile (4,600 km), 15 day trip from Bermuda to England set a new world record for continuous underwater operation.

and it also acted as US Nuclear sub for a film On The Beach in 1959

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the outboard boat in the Rothesay shots has white paint on top of the conning tower - Andrew perhaps.

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