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HMS Barham

HMS Barham

The 31,100 ton British battleship blows up in the Mediterranean, north of Sidi Barrani, after being hit on the port side by three torpedoes from the German submarine U-331 commanded by Kptlt. von Tiesenhausen. About four minutes after the torpedoes struck, the Barham's 15-inch magazine exploded, which completely disintegrated the battleship and sending up an enormous cloud of black smoke which covered her sinking. A total of 862 crewmen perished including her commander, Captain G. C. Cooke. There were 449 men rescued from the water by the destroyers HMS Hotspur and HMAS Nizam. The U-331 was later sunk on November 17, 1942, by torpedo-carrying Swordfish from the carrier HMS Formidable. (32 men died, 15 were rescued). Kptlt. Hans-Diedrich Tiesenhausen was one of the rescued and survived the war. He died on August 17, 2000, in Vancouver, Canada, at the age of 85.

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Hi Smudge, if You log onto You'll find Video clips one of which is HMS Barham blowing up. A lot of other stuff as well. Rgds. Tony 215.

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Cheers Tony.Will be in touch soon with more pictures of the "Are".All the best Brian 211

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