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HMS Diamond with R.M.A.S. Roysterer Towing

HMS Diamond with R.M.A.S. Roysterer Towing

H.M.S. Diamond (D35) passing the Medway buoy for the final time.
R.M.A.S. Roysterer towing with Knights Tug Knighton as assist.

This photograph is of some interest to me personally, as
I worked on Diamond when I was a young fitter at Chatham. I also spent a short period with Roysterer at Devonport when I was with the R.M.A.S.

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Diamond a Daring class destroyer was built by John Brown's shipyard on the Clydebank and waslaunched on the 14th june 1950, commissioned in '52 she had an 'interesting' career, in 1953 she collided with the the cruiser Swiftsure leaving part of her bow on te cruiser as a souvenier of her visit, both ships ended up out of service for repairs but the damage to swiftsure proved the end and she was scrapped instead. During the Suez crisis the Diamonf bombarded Port Said.
On the 23rd June 1964 Diamond added another ship to hr talley - she collided with the Frigate HMS Salisbury and she was paid of for scrapping. In 1970 she became a dockside training ship ( dont no what she was training but damage control might have been a good cause) in the lte '70's or eary 80's she was paid off and scrapped in 1981
L 390' B 43' Draft 13'06" Disp 3,580 tons full load
machinery : Twin screw, Parsons geared steam turbines, 2 Foster Wheeler boilers 54,000 SHP 35 knots
Armament : Six 4.5" C45 Mk6 guns in three twin mounts, two fwds one aft, AA armament varied in the class so not exactly sure but most likely : two twin 40mm Bofors which replaced the less successful Mk2 STAAG twin Bofors, two sets of quadruple 21" torpedo tubes, one set from lat '50's and none from 1963
ASW : one triple Squid mortar,

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