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The two big guns on Skansin, Tórshavn,Faroe Island
They both came from the aircraftcarrier HMS FURIOUS.
Installed by the 663 Artisan Works Coy Royal Engineers.
First shot on 11. august 1940.
Later a guncrew from the Lovat Scouts took over.

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This is one of Furious's secondary battery 5.5" guns it is a Mk1 and was the only mark of gun of this size made, very few ships carried this weapon perhaps the most famous being the Hood which had twelve of them, Furious carried eleven.
The most famous link in history with this weapon is the 16 year old Boy Seaman Jack Cornwell who stood to his station by one aboard HMS Chester when the rest of the crew had been killed, mortally wounded Jack was posthumously awarded the Victoria Cross medal for his actions, sadly he is the second youngest to be so awarded.
The gun fired an 82 lb shell to about nine miles and weighed about 15 tons

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Seem to remember that Jack Cornwell was a Scout and that a Scouts Bravery Medal was named after him?

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Before a british military-historian some years ago after invetsigations concluded that these two pieces on Skansin, Tórshavn, Faeroes, came from 'Furious', it was common saying among the locals that they were 'side-cannons' (guns) from Hood.

To Pat, Yes the barrel of a second gun (same kind) i seen on this foto.

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