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HMS Ivanhoe

HMS Ivanhoe

One of the ships my father sailed on. On the back of picture is; HMS Ivanhoe at Malta, as he was on her in 1936/40 I assume the picture was taken then or before. Any info would be appreciated

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Most pre and WW2 era destroyers were built in flotilla's of eight ships, in the case of Ivanhoe she belonged to a group of 24 ships the G,H and I class - eight under each letter : Gallant, Garland, Gipsy, Gloworm, Grafton, Grenade, Greyhound and Griffin : Hasty, Havock, Hereward, Hero, Hostile, Hotspur, Hunter and Hyperion : Icarus, Ilex, Imogen, Imperial, Impulsive, Intrepid, Isis and Ivanhoe.
The group were slightly smaller than the preceeding E anf F classes due to their more compact machinery, previous destroyers had had main and cruising steam turbines, the cruising turbines were designed to reduce fuel consumption at lower speeds however they were omitted from the GH and I's so the engine rooms could be smaller as were the ships - 6 feet in all.
The G ships differend slightly from the H and I's in that they had a gunwell - a circular pit round the 4.7" gun mounts into which the breech could sink allowing them to elevate to 40 degrees, The Hand I ships had the guns modified to sit a little higher thus not needing a well.
The I ships also differed from the G and H ships in that the after two 4.7" guns and the torpedo tubes were occasionaly removed to allow there use as fast destroyer minelayers, in this role they could carry sixty mines.
Also linked to the GH and I class were three class leaders, Gerenville, hardy and Inglefield, slightly larger they mouted a fifth 4.7" gun and had extra space for staff when acting as flotilla leaders.
GHI details L 323'00" b 33'00" Draft 13'04" at full load, displacement 1350 to 1,400 tons standard and 1,980 tons full load, with wartime additional weapons this rose to 2,100 tons.
Machinery : twin screws, Parsons single reduction geared steam turbines, three Admiralty 3-drum boilers, 34,000 shp 36 knots 450 tons fuel oil
Armament : four 4.7" c45 Mk9 QF guns in four single shielded mounts, these guns elevated to a max angle of 40 degrees and fired a 50 lb shell to about 8.5 miles using a 13 lb charge, 250 rounds per gun were carried, whilst not a bad gun for surface action the limited max elevation meant the gun was all but useless against aircraft.
AA armament : Originally none and being that she was lost early in the war this is unlikely to have changed.
Torpedoes : two sets of four 21" tubes with Mk9 torpedoes.
Anti Submarine , four throwers and two sets of rails with 45 depth charges.
Ivanhoe was built by Yarrow Shipbuilders on the Clyde Scotstoun yard in 1937 being launched on the 11th february 1937, she was lost on the 31st August 1940, ironically to a mine. She was in company with Express, Esk, Icarus and Intrepid all operating in the minelayer role with escorts of Kelvin, Jupiter and Vortigern.
Express hit a mine and Esk which went to her assistance also hit a mine, Ivanoe which then went to the assistance of the Esk and Express hit a third mine, this damage was so serious that she had to be sunk by the Kelvin.
Fior full details of her service see the website HERE

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Thanks for that Steve, Dad left her in June1940, looks as though he had a bit of luck. I had been reading the report on the website just after I posted this photo.


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