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HMS Loyal

HMS Loyal

Another one, my original is in McLean Library and Museum in Greenock

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Nice painting of an L and M class destroyer ( Gurkha -ex Larne, Laforey, lance , Legion, lightning, Lively, Lookout, Mahratta-ex Marksman, Marne, Martin, Matchless, Meteor, Milne, Musketeer and Orkan - ex Myrmidon) all built 1939-40, they were basically an enlarged J class destroyer, they were a very good looking ship .
L 362'06" B 36'09" Dr 14'10" disp 1,930 tons standard and 2,830 full load.
Machinery : twin screw Parsons geared turbines, two Admiralty 3-drum O/F boilers 48,000 shp 36 knots 537 tons oil
Armament varied through the class : Loyal had six 4.7" C50 Mk11 guns in tree twin mounts, these were a new more powerful version of the tried and tested 4.&2 destroyer gun with a slightly better elevation of 50 degrees, although better this was still sadly lacking for use as an AA gun - 80 degrees was needed.
To improve matters for AA defence some of the class had the triple bank of 21" torpedo tubes removed and replaced with a twin 4" HA gun, and some had four twin 4" HA guns but not loyal, she retained her torpedo tubes and was fitted with a quadruple 2 pounder pompom and by the wars end 10 20mm oerlikons.
Of the sixteen ships no less than nine would be war losses, Loyal was herself bombed but survived. at the wars end of the remaining seven ships, four were sold to Turkey and Loyal and Lookout were scrapped in 1948 and Musketeer in 1955
Loyal was built by Scotts being launched on the 08th October 1941

Her sister Laforey is HERE doing what destroyers do best.

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