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Name: HMS Monmouth
Operator: Royal Navy
Ordered: July 1988
Builder: Yarrow Shipbuilders
Laid down: 1 June 1989
Launched: 23 November 1991
Commissioned: 24 September 1993
Refit: Major 2014 - 2015
Homeport: HMNB Devonport, Plymouth
Motto: Fear Nothing But God
Nickname(s): The Black Duke
Status: in active service
General characteristics
Class and type: Type 23 Frigate
Displacement: 4,900t (4,800 long tons; 5,400 short tons)
Length: 133m (436ft 4in)
Beam: 16.1m (52ft 10in)
Draught: 7.3m (23ft in)
Propulsion: CODLAG:
Four 1510kW (2,025shp) Paxman Valenta 12CM diesel generators
Two GEC electric motors delivering 2980kW (4000shp)
Two Rolls-Royce Spey SM1C delivering 23,190kW (31,100shp)
Speed: In excess of 28kn (52km/h; 32mph)
Range: 7,500nautical miles (14,000km) at 15kn (28km/h)
Complement: 185 (accommodation for up to 205)
Electronic warfare & decoys:
UAF - 1 ESM, or, UAT Mod 1
Type 182 towed torpedo decoy
Surface Ship Torpedo Defence
Anti-air missiles:
1 × 32-cell Sea Wolf GWS.26 VLS canisters for 32:
Sea Wolf missiles (range 1-10 km)
Anti-ship missiles:
2 × quad Harpoon launchers
Anti-submarine torpedoes:
2 × Twin 12.75in (324mm) Sting Ray torpedo tubes
1 × BAE 4.5 inch Mk 8 naval gun
2 × 30mm DS30M Mk2 guns, or, 2× 30mm DS30B guns
2 × Miniguns
4 × General purpose machine guns
Aircraft carried:
1 × Lynx HMA8, armed with;
4 × Sea Skua anti ship missiles, or
2 × anti submarine torpedoes or
1 × Westland Merlin HM1, armed with;
4 × anti submarine torpedoes
Aviation facilities:
Flight deck enclosed hangar

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