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Ionic (I), at Auckland

Ionic (I), at Auckland

Very tastefully hand-coloured photo of 'Ionic' (I) in Auckland Harbour. Photo on very thick card, with authentication sticker on the back stating: 'Real photograph, hand-painted, produced by J.D.Kemp, Auckland, C1, New Zealand.'
Ionic (I)
Built: 1902 Harland and Wolff, Belfast
Tonnage: 12,232grt

3,219 Posts
There were three sisters, the other two were Athenic (12,234) and Corinthic (12,231)
For many years this famous trio were the largest vessels in the New Zealand trade. Their well proportioned hulls, four masts and massive funnel gave them a truly stately appearance. Her maiden voyage was under Captain J.B. Ranson which left London on January 16th 1903 and arrived at Wellington on March 5th.
Some interesting details of her performance on her maiden voyage are taken from the engine room abstract log, signed by her first chief engineer, G. McLellan. On the outward passage by way of Plymouth, Teneriffe, Cape Town and Hobart the Ionic steamed 13,235 miles at an average speed of 12.10 kts and consumed 3660 tons of coal, an average of 79.1 tons per day. The homeward passage of 12,177 miles by way of Cape Horn, Rio de Janerio and Teneriffe was made at an average speed of 11.8 kts and she burned 3870 tons of coal at an average of 89.1 tons per day. It is said that she performed equally well on her79th and final voyage 33 years later.

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