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Iron Baron

Iron Baron

This black and white photo of BHP's Iron Baron at Geelong was taken in the early 1950s by an old friend, Bob Sharp. This was one of a series of four, built at Glasgow in 1936-7, to a new BHP design with engines aft. Ian Menzies has posted a photo of the much later Iron Monarch, which closely resembles the livery of the Wilhelmsen ships. In that thread I commented that the earlier ships also had black funnels with two blue bands, but with iron ore red hulls and deep buff (or brown) superstructure, giving a rather sombre appearance.

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This is the Iron boats as I remember and heard them.
For the radio faction of our membership, AWA MF only, sometimes Class B spark for the main transmitter.

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Nice pic Allan. I sailed on the 'new' Iron Baron in 1978. The heavy lift one, not the last one, that ran aground off the Tamar. Will post a picture of this one, when I get around to getting it scanned.

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Yes it was launched on 24 June 1936. It was de-commissioned for upgrading of
accommodation at Whyalla, followed by conversion to oil-firing in Sydney.
Returned to service February 1955
29 August 1966: sold to Australia Pasific Shipping Hong Kong and renamed
Pacific Queen
1969 sold to Ming Hing & Co for demolition and 20 October 1969 arrived at Hong Kong, where work was under way by the end of the month

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I was on the old Iron Baron twice and did her last trip after joining her for the second time late 65 and on into early 1966. Was also on the old Iron Monarch 4 times, the old Iron Duke twice, the old Iron Warrior twice and the Iron Flinders once.

Glad I sailed in them, I tried to avoid them years ago but looking back way down the track I was involved in fantastic history of a bygone era.

God Bless


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Thanks for that Gordy, it is great to recall those days! They were all frequent visitors to Geelong in the 50s,
Regards and God bless,

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