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Iron Somersby in Port Hedland, 1972

Iron Somersby in Port Hedland, 1972

IRON SOMERSBY on maiden voyage being manoeuvred to the Mount Newman Co. Pty Ltd (now BHP) ore pier at Nelson Point, Port Hedland, Australia, January 1972. The other ship is the OHTSU MARU (107,017 dwt, built 1969 Nippon Kokan).
IRON SOMERSBY, launched 1971 at Harland & Wolff, Belfast, yard #168

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ropners somersby i was on the nowserha madaleine in newcastle loading for malaysia got chating to bosun invited aboard for breakfast he told me that we were getting her back that was 1985 sadly not to be i believe she went to the chinese the late ronnie dunn was there with me i was the bosun but ronnie leant me a trick or 2 a good seaman and good shipmate igot out port kelang ronnie got out in pakistan at last ronn calm seas and a blue sky

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