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Jersey City Terminal

Jersey City Terminal

At the end of a working day in New York, having crossed the Hudson on a Railroad Ferry, you walked along a transverse bridge and down steps to one of these platforms to continue your journey home.
In the years either side of WW II the Eire RR carried 25,000 commuters per day by ferry and through this station.

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Used also by the Delaware, Lackawanna and Western Railroad. The Lackawanna burned hard, clean anthracite coal in their locomotives and over a hundred years ago Phoebe Snow was created to publicize the fact:.

Phoebe snow, dressed in white
Rides the road of anthracite.

Says Phoebe Snow, about to go
Upon a trip to Buffalo
\"My gown stays white from morn \'til night
Upon the road of anthracite\".

Now Phoebe may by night or day
Enjoy her book upon the way.
Electric light dispels the night,
Upon the road of anthracite.

Miss Snow, you see, was sure to be
the object of much courtesy.
For day and night they\'re all polite
Upon the road of anthracite.

etc., etc., etc.

They sure as heck don\'t write ads like those any more.

Bruce C.

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