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John M

John M

Metcalf's tanker John M is inward bound at Hook of Holland in 1990. Built 1963 she was 1,308 gr tons and had at that stage given 27 years of service - that's pretty good by any standard.

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O.N. 304466. 1,308g. 588n. 1,839d. 230’ 0” x 37’ 3” x 15’ 10”oa.
Two, 8-cyl. 4 S.C.S.A. (222 x 292mm) Blackstone type by Lister Blackstone Marine Ltd., Dursley, reduction geared to single screw shaft. 1,320bhp. 11½kts.
27.6.1962: Keel laid by Burntisland Shipbuilding Company Ltd., Burntisland (Yard No. 404) for Metcalf Motor Coasters Ltd., London.
11.12.1962: Launched.
3.1963: Completed.
5.4.1963: Delivered.
14.7.1970: Owners restyled as Metcalf Coasting & Investments (Holdings) Ltd., and vessel sold to a new subsidiary Metcalf Motor Coasters Ltd.
1972: Owners acquired by Booker Line Ltd., Liverpool and S. William Coe & Company Ltd., Liverpool appointed as managers.
1978: Sold to Coe, Metcalf Shipping Ltd., (same managers).
1980: Removed from management.
27.1.1995: Sold to Zeek Nigeria Ltd, Lagos.
11.2014: Still on SeaWeb dead ships– flag unknown since 1995 - “Continued existence in doubt since 21.11.2011”

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