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Under tow after fire onboard.

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I think this ship is JOHS. P

history from

1955 Built as RINGFRED by A/S Fredriksstad Mekaniske Verksted, Fredrikstad, yard no. 352, for Ringdals Rederi A/S (Olav Ringdal, manager) , Oslo. Launched 23/11.
1956 Completed 04/02.
1956 Sold to Wilh. Wilhelmsen 11/05 and renamed TANA. Price paid were NOK 19.005.893,00.
1969 Sold 12/09 to Johs. Presthus Rederi A/S (Johs. Presthus, manager), Bergen. Renamed JOHS. PRESTHUS.
1970 Transferred to Arne Presthus Rederi-A/S.
1971 Sold to Mares Neptunea S.A. (Bouboulina Shipping S.A., managers), Piraeus, Greece. Renamed JOHS. P. For a short period in she was renamed CONCORDIA JOHS, and then reverted to JOHS. P.
1973 Fire broke out in the accomodation 18/03 when she was about 15 km east of Dungeness on a voyage from Sluiskil, Holland to Guayaquil, Ecuador with a cargo of fertilizer. The crew abandoned ship and was taken aboard the Swedish tanker OTARU, 2.677/69, who later transferred them to the Dover lifeboat. One of the crew had burn injuries and was taken ashore by helicopter. Arrived Antwerpen 20/03 in tow by tug GRONINGEN and declared a constructive total loss. Later towed to Piraeus, Greece and repaired.
1974 Renamed BOUBOULINA WAVE and in service again.
1978 Sold to AI Khalifa & Mirchandani Shipping Co. Ltd., Kuwait and renamed DALYAH.
1979 Sold to South Korean shipbreakers and arrived at Busan 31/08 to be broken up. Demolition commenced 15/09.

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This photograph could only have originated from one of two sources, the most likely being my late father, who was an SAR pilot with the Coastguard unit stationed at R.A.F. Manston during this time. This ties neatly in with your information which completes a missing piece of my family history for which I am grateful.

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