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Kaga - Japan

Kaga - Japan

Aircraft Carrier KAGA : Japan
Completed 1928 from the hull of a battleship which was under construction. Re-constructed 1936-8. Smoke was carried in trunking either side of the ship, running half the length of the ship, with a "rear exhaust". 26,900 tons; 720ft; 10 x 8 inch guns; 12 x 4.7 inch AA; 60 aircraft; 1,000 shp; 31 knots.

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Japans first heavy carrier, Originally a battleship due to be scrapped under the terms of 1922 Washington naval treaty- Japan was alowed to modifiy her and she was reconstructed into a carrier , took part in the Pearl harbour attack 07 Dec 1941
She was sunk on 4 June 1942, during the Battle of Midway, dive-bombers from USS Enterprise (CV-6) inflicted fatal damage on Kaga with Kaga sinking later in the day, I do not know how many of her crew of just over 2,000 men survived

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