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Lafayette (Ex-Normandie)

Lafayette (Ex-Normandie)

The remains of the Lafayette (ex Normandie) are towed down the Hudson River in November, 1943. The job of righting the ship, following her loss in February, 1942, was one of the largest and most expensive salvage jobs even undertaken; and in spite of the great effort to bring the ship to this point

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At one time there was talk of converting the Normandie into an aircraft carrier. In that respect, this photo is interesting in that it shows what the ship might have looked like had such a conversion been undertaken.

The Normandie became a textbook case of how not to fight a shipboard fire. It was used by instructors as an example of how not to fight a shipboard fire when I was a cadet during the 1970s, as well as in shipboard firefighting courses that I attended over the years since then. Fortunately, a lot of lessons were learned from the Normandie.

ex RN & RFA. Also Ocean Liner enthusiast.
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Hello Klaatu,

But were not these mistakes repeated when dealing with the fire on the Seawise University 30 years later?

Alan G

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