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Laid up in Eleusis Bay

Laid up in Eleusis Bay

Several Greek ships seen here laid up in the Eleusis Bay, close to Athen's port of Salamis, about 1960.
The three rearmost ships of the "mothball fleet" in the foreground are Liberty ships.
Still today, Eleusis Bay is known for its laid up and often rusting vessels.

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That is a very beautiful view. Close to that place one can find the historical site, where the Eleysinian mysteries took place in ancient times. The place seems to have had ships always and laid up vessels were anchored on the bay probably for most part of the last century.
The present developments could of course influence especially the passenger and ferry services to Greek islands and to neighbouring countries, perhaps local cruises, but I think that the cargo carrying business is quite well protected from the crisis as it depends more on developments of international trade.

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