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Leonardo da Vinci - Promenade deck - forward section

Leonardo da Vinci - Promenade deck - forward section

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Sorry to have to correct but in all the pictures of the passenger accomodation plan of the Leonardo Da Vinci, for an evident misprinting/mistake, there is an inversion "forward"/"aft" i.e. all what is named "astern" should be read as "forward" and all what is indicated as "stem" should be read as "aft". This can be clearly seen comparing the photographs of the ship with the plans. Infact it's a normal convention followed in almost all GA Plans and Passenger Accomodation Plans of most of the existing ships that the bow is on the right hand side of the drawing while the stern on the left. Mostly in GA Plans the external profile and section showed the starboard side of the ship. Normally, apart from some exception, for what the external profile is concerned, only when the two sides of a ship are strongly different (i.e. the ship is violently asymmetric as in the case of an Aircraft Carrier) both are charted.

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