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B 1960 S.S.Ansaldo, Sestri Ponente. T 33,340, 17,227n.
D 767.3/233.87 oa, 675.2/205.8 x 92.2/28.1 x 50.95/15.53.
E Tw scr, 2 x 2 stm turb, drg, 52,000 shp. 24 kts. By builder.
H Steel. 3 + part 4 + 5 dks. B & F 659/200.9. Upper B 627/191.2. Stabilisers.
p 413 1st, 342 cabin 571 tst.
1958 Dec 7: Launched. She was a replacement for Andrea Doria and built witb a 40 million lire Govemment loan. It is said that she was capable ofbeing converted to nuclear propulsion but this never occurred. 1960 June 17: M/v a 5 day shake down cruise. On June 20 tbe lOOth anniversary of tbe move which led to tbe creation of modem ltaly she visited Caprera Island to lay a wreatb on tbe grave offounder Guiseppe Garibaldi. June 30: Genoa-New York.
1965 Given a white hull to match tbe arrivaI of Michelangelo. Now based at Naples.
1966 Dec 8: Cruised out ofNew York. Made six 15 day cruises to tbe West Indies.
1970 Now mainly cruising. Made only six transatlantic retum crossings
1974 Reduced to two classes. P 603 1st, 681 tst.
1977 Mar 25: Made (unplanned) ltalia's last passenger sailing from New York.
Apr: Transferred to Italia Crociere Intemationali S.p.A. (lCI) for cruising. Same name. J~~: Cruised uneconomically out of Port Everglades for Costa Crociere who were partners in ICI. Tbe problem, common to many ships, was tbat she was built witb three cIasses and an 'open ship' did not work. 600 toOOst did not 'tit' into tbe first class lounges, bars and restaurants. While tbe lower cIass facilities were not used by tbe higher paying passengers and inside bunked cabins were unsaleable.
1978 Sept 23: Retumed to lay up at La Spezia. AlI plans to use her came to naught.
1979 July 4: Damaged by fire which spread from and also destroyed Da Recco berthed alongside. Tbe flames did much extemal damage but did not penetrate tbe interi or.
1980 July 3: When she again caught fire (it started in tbe chapel) she was towed out into tbe Gulf of Spezia where she was scuttled to prevent bum out; sinking witb a 60° list.
1981 March: Raised by Smit Tak in two stages. Onto an even keel and tben refloated,
Sold to Cantiere Lotti, La Spezia, for scrap which commenced in May 1982.

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Oh yes my dear friend. I remember that day with "nostalgia".
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