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liberty ship

liberty ship

a nice close up that blows up real nice , showing the life raft and the usual oil spill out of the scuppers , a common site during the war

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I recall coming back at night to Manipur in dock at Houston when we noted a black sheen on side of a Liberty bunkering.We went aboard and noted when looking in the first porthole that the chairs were floating in oil and oil was pouring out of every vent pipe on deck! No one seemed to be about and the shore pump was still belting away, we notified the dock pump man that he had better stop, he said he had seen a slight increase in pressure at his end!

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Is there a name for this particular type of gangway? I always called them "broken arm" gangways, very common on Greek and other Mediterranean company ships built in the 1950s and 1960s. They were not very suitable for ports with high fluctuations in their tides.

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