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Lifeboat Drencher

Lifeboat Drencher

A similar system was fitted around the lifeboats.
Their primary function here is to protect the crew from any fire during boarding of the lifeboat and abandonment, this system also covered the liferafts.
As can be seen, it certainly discharged a fair amount of water and you got a real soaking, however getting a bit wet is infinitely preferable to burning.
The drenching system had it's own dedicated pump in the E/R, with one of the General Service pumps as backup.

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More great pictures Jim with first class explanations to go with them, for which many thanks. I have to admit things have moved on a lot with the provision of safety equipment since the 60s/70s which is all to the good. I still think marking out the safe walkway on the main deck is a bit OTT though.Regards,Alastair

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