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The Lindblad Explorer well aground on King George Island Antarctica, she had a full compliment of passengers and was lucky to run ashore within 1/4 from a disbanded Argentinean Base.The crew and passengers made for the base in atrocious whiteout conditions and were able to hold up for the storm to abate
I was on board HMS Endurance when we heard her Mayday call arriving on scene some 25 hours later to find a Chilean vessels and an Argentinian trying to pull her off the beach. The Endurance also passed a tow line but the combined pull of the three vessels just couldn’t budge her. Lloydsman (I Think) made way fro Cape Town in 5 days and was able to pull her off with no problem. The crew and passengers were taken to Punta Arenas and were flown home from there. It is interesting to note that the vessel has recovered, had a name change to that of Explorer and is still working specialist cruises around the world Inc the Antarctic.

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