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Lloyd Antuerpia

Lloyd Antuerpia

The Brazilian SD 14 MARK III m/s LLOYD ANTUERPIA, 140,98m/ 9.112gt/ 15kn; 26/03/1975 completed by Companhia de Comércio e Navegação, Mauá, Niterói, RJ, for Lloyd Brasileiro, Rio de Janeiro; 1982 LLOYD ANTUERPIA, laid up at Rio de Janeiro; 1983 RIO, Cape Rio Shipping Co., Piraeus; 1986 ORION VI, Cape

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rui, not sure if you aware but the Brazilian 'SD14's' were slightly different in cosntruction to the British (Sunderland jobs) in as much that they had a tween in no.5 whereas the British were Singledeck there and the Brazilians had a slightly smalller DWAT. I know this class of ship was veryu popular with Lloyd-Brasiliero and Alianca .

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