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Loading Chaff (For Nige)

Loading Chaff (For Nige)

Seamen on board a Royal Navy warship prepare a Corvus Chaff launcher for firing in defence against missile attack.

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The upper launcher was a 2" rocket flare projectile, the lower 3x3 barrels fired 3" rockets containing chaff, I recall that each rocket had to be manually fused before loading into the mounting. The firing of which was executed remotely from a launching panel the Operations room, where a range of different pre-set patterns could be selected before launch, depending on the missile threat.
In the photo we can see that the Launcher is trained inboard to the loading position, meaning the interlocks were broken, rendering the mounting safe - those warning signs around the launcher are really pertinent (due to the mounting being operated remotely), although they had the potential to save the ship from a missile - I have seen several people injured whilst serving these weapons.
For Nige - the ready use lockers were (as I remember on a Leander) slightly inboard and forrard of the Corvus launchers, they were quite tall (over 6 feet tall) on mounts above the deck (to insulate them from heat transfer through the deck). They had 2 clipped doors on the front and were attached to the ships firemain to allow flooding in the event of a local fire. You could always distinguish a Chaff RU Locker from other upper deck weapon RU lockers due to the height.

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