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The Louis L D cargo ship was launched in 1936 at the Ateliers and Chantiers de France in Dunkirk for the Louis Dreyfus Company & C ° of Dunkerque; she entered service in 1936; on September 7, 1939 she left Dakar for Dunkirk via Casablanca where her sailors went to the rescue of the survivors of the

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The information that "Louis L.D." made another voyage to Saigon during the second half of 1941, returning to Casablanca 22.10.1941, is not correct.
After the arrival at Dakar from Saigon 09.07.41 "Louis L.D." departed from Dakar for Casa with convoi D 11 (25.7.-1.8.).
Then from Casa to Oran with convoi K 5 (9.8.-12.8.).
Arrival at Marseille in the week 15 to 21 august, with a cargo of 7.676 t.
Departure from Marseille for Madagascar (now renamed "Fomalhaut") in the week 12 to 18 september with a cargo of 1900 t.
From Oran to Casa with convoi R 19 (22.9.-25.9.)
From Casa to Dakar with convoi C 15 (27.9.-3.10.).
From Dakar to Madagascar with convoi M 4, departure 27.10., but ordered back to Dakar 3.11.41 (after the seizure off Durban of a convoi of 5 ships going from Madagascar to Dakar by a British force of 2 cruisers, 2 auxiliary cruisers and 6 armed trawlers) and arrived at Dakar 10.11.41. Thereafter all traffic between Dakar/Madagascar/Indochina was suspended.

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