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Port of Lyttelton, New Zealand, on 11 February 2010. Many containers, with mobile hoists busy shunting them around. Unknown ship beyond is probably a car carrier.

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Bet this makes some of the kiwi runners of the 50s, 60s and 70s pretty sad? No general cargo boats doing their thing! I first called here in 1985 (suppose the best times were over by then?) and was on the jetty far-left mid picture; Shell Tanker Ebalina, we would run from Singapore 2 weeks at sea and would call at Auckland, Lyttleton, Dunedin and New Pymouth that would be about 2 weeks on the coast (nothing compared to the cargo boats i know), then back to Pulau Bukom and do the trip again. Next time i went there was on the Southland Star, that was the last time the ship visited there with a British crew as were removed in Fiji for cheaper fijian crew, whilst on route back to Kiwi from West Coast USA. Happy days indeed and i'm glad i caught a bit of this fantastic coast; Lyttleton being my favourite port.
Mick S

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