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Danube Shipping Company
Soviet Union, Ukraine

Built: 1977 by Chantiers Dubigeon-Normandie SA., Nantes, France.
She was christened by the wife of the Soviet ambassador at the time in France

Overall length: 121.5 m
Beam: 17.5 m
Draft: 4.4 m
Gross Tonnage: 6717 tons
Passengers: 328
Power: 2x5200 hp
Service Speed: 18.9 knots
Later Names: M.S. Carina (1996), M.S. Primexpress Island (2000) M.S. Rochdale One (2004- present)..

- 1977-2000: Danube Shipping Company, Ukraine.
- 2000-2004: Multiway Shipping Ltd., operated by Primexpress Cruises, Odessa, Ukraine.
- 2004-2007: Kyprosun Holdings Cyprus., chartered as floating accommodation ship by DUWO - Netherlands.

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History and Current Status:

She became M.S. Carina (or Karina) in 1996, operating still under the ownership of Danube Shipping Co.. She was chartered to Phoenix Seereisen of Germany, doing Antalya based Mediterranean cruises. In 1998, she was seized in Amsterdam, Netherlands, because of the debts of her parent company to Sea Global Shipping of Cyprus. After Danube Shipping Co. satisfied all financial claims, she returned to Ismailiya, but was seized again by the Odessa court because of company debts to PrimeExpress Cruises.
In May 2000, Danube Shipping Co. won the case and decided to sell her. In August 2000, she was sold to Multiway Shipping Ltd. for 2 million 750 thousand USD. Between 2000 and 2001, she was chartered by Primexpress Cruises and she was renamed M.S. Primexpress Island, operating in the Mediterranean and the Black Sea, mainly on Gambling Cruises out off- Cyprus.
Due to low booking rates, she got laid up in Limassol, Cyprus. From May 17th, 2002, she was up for auction by Multiway for 2 million USD, waiting new owners.
At the time, three housing associations (AWV, DUWO and Rochdale) located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands were looking for possibilities to accommodate students. They saw the acquisition of an out of work passenger ship as an ideal solution to their problems. A passenger ship could be put into use as an accommodation vessel almost immediately.
After the Primexpress Island was freed from arrest, she was towed to Greece, where she would be rebuilt into an accommodation vessel. The yard could not meet the agreed deadline of March 2004 as many workers were needed to help make the preparations for the Olympic Games 2004 in Athens. So it was decided to finish the work in Amsterdam, and sail to the Netherlands under the ship's own power. After necessary repairs were finished and short sea trials proved the vessel was seaworthy, she arrived in Amsterdam on July 8th. She was renamed Rochdale One, after one of the housing associations.
On September 20th 2004 she opened her doors as a student accommodation ship. She will remain in this role until 2009. In the mean time, her engines will be kept in working order, so if needed she can be put into active service again…

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