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Swedish America Line's m.s. KUNGSHOLM in bound for Bermuda in The Narrows, passing Fort St Catherine, Easter Cruise 1937.
Oil on linen, 12 x 16.
Signed and Dated 2019.
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Oops. It was GRIPSHOLM at Bermuda at Easter 1937. She came later in the summer. Here are what notes I have some information of REINA DEL PACIFICO....

The late summer of 1937 brought a brief flurry of cruise visitors, with Carinthia arriving on 10 August and again two weeks later. Kungsholm was at anchor on 14 August, and sister Gripsholm on 30 August, the same day as Rotterdam, which made two further visits to the island during September. Kungsholm was back in Bermuda again on 11 October.

The arrival of Reina del Pacifico at Grassy Bay from Britain on the morning of 15 November 1937 was noteworthy, due to the death of one of the passengers. Former British Prime Minister Ramsay Macdonald had been in poor health when he boarded the liner in Liverpool, hoping his health would improve during the long voyage to Chile and back, but six days before the vessel arrived in Bermuda, he died. His body was brought ashore with full military honours, and taken to the Cathedral, where it lay in State overnight. Next day, in a splendid military parade, the casket was drawn through the streets of Hamilton to the flagstaff on Front Street, where it was placed on board the cruiser HMS Apollo, to be returned to Britain for burial.


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