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M.V.Rynstroom-Port of Amsterdam-19-06-1968

M.V.Rynstroom-Port of Amsterdam-19-06-1968

Roll-on, Roll-off, Cargo Motor Vessel Rynstroom, keel laid, Monday, 08/03/1965, and launched, Saturday, 30/10/1965, to yard number 438, by Arnhemsche Scheepsbouw Maatschappij N.V., Arnhem, Netherlands, and completed and delivered, Thursday, 03/02/1966, to N.V. Hollandsche Stoomboot Maatschappij, Ams

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The Dockers didn't like this Vessel as it used Forklifts for a discharge I'm trying to remember I think she did 3 trips a week WP she was fast and I think she only took 16 hours between Ports Shoreham is a tidal port so she did lose time waiting to get in and out which worked against her so she wasn't very successful I was a boatman at the time and spent many an hour waiting for he to arrive or leave but the Master always gave me a packet of cigarettes

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I remember seeing her in Shoreham many times when Dad used to drive me there on a Saturday. Fish and chips from the chippie on the A259 near the Regent fuel depot, eat them by the Lifeboat Station, then a drive down the seaward side of the basin and then usually a hop on board one of the tankers or colliers if Dad knew the ship's Old Man.

Rynstroom put into Newhaven on one occasion, I remember seeing her from my school up on the heights. Not sure if that was for a 'test run' from Newhaven, but if it was I guess it was unsuccessful.

I seem to recall that she had a sister called Amstelstroom, but that may just be the grey cells mixing things up from many years ago.

Edit: OK, I've just scrolled down and seen your photo of Amstelstroom! At least I know the brain is OK.(Thumb)

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