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Built in 1869 by Barclay, Curle & Co., Glasgow.
(Nr. 189) as the LOCH AWE
(220.0x34.8x21.0 ft) (1096 BRT / 1023 NRT)

Launched in April 1869 for J. and R. Wilson, Glasgow.
March 1896; Martin Bruusgaard, Drammen and renamed MADURA
August 1903; Karl Bruusgaard, Drammen
1915; Johan Bruusgaard, Drammen
June 1916; Karl and Sigurd Bruusgaard, Drammen
May 1917 sunk by the German U-48 on voyage from Gulfport to Cardiff in ballast

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There are no riders to stand on between the lower mizzen shrouds, but the mizzen is not belayed against the mast either, so the mizzen must be triangular and the gaff must be there solely to spread the gaff topsail (there are a set of riders in the topmast shrouds), besides serving as signal gaff.
She is also without a fore royal, and the hull is pockmarked from the use of chipping hammers.
Bruusgaard bought a number of British iron clippers when they were old, some say they were more solidly built than the steel ships that followed, and that he knew he was getting a deal.
Madura was captured and sunk by U48 on 21 May 1917, 50 miles SW Queenstown on a voyage Gulfport for Cardiff with timber, with scuttling charges.
Here's a page on the Loch Awe:

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