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Maersk Piper Crew

Maersk Piper Crew

Esbjerg. Denmark : Back row L to Right : Robbie the cook. Steve the Ch Eng. Skipper Dave Staniforth.
Mick Ryan. ?? . ??
Middle row : Sid Maughan. Jimmy 2nd mate. ? Ch Off. and me sitting on the chair.
Only got a delivery of 6 baseball caps ??
Check the `flares`, man :o)

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Hi There watz Mick Ryan doing with himself now last saw him in the Royal oak in canning Town many moons ago cheers Bazza.

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Hiya out there in NZ, last time I seen Mick, he was on the Highland Pride in Peterhead/Aberdeen ( he had been on there since it was more or less new)
That was years ago, I`ve been away from the supply boats for over 8yrs !!
He was `living` in Dundee then .....but he could be anywhere ??
I remember when he lived in London...he has a son there.
Need to insert a `larger than life` photograph of him into my `gallery`....with the help of SN we might/should be able to get him on the `radar screen` ?? :eek:)
Not the sort of guy to `disappear` from view...anyway he`s too big :eek:)
Keep a `lookout` on the site.
Rgds Allan

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