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A four-masted wooden barquentine, built in 1902 by W.A. Boole and Son, Oakland, Cal.
(194.1x39.5x17.5 ft.) (899 BRT)
Sailed/Managed by Hind, Rolph and Co., San Francisco
Sold in 1928 and converted into a fishing barge.

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The Makaweli, four-masted barkentine of 899 tons and 1100 M capacity, was built at Oakland in 1902 by W. A. Boole & Son for the management of Hind, Rolph & Co. After being laid up a couple of years she left San Francisco for Grays Harbor on February 17, 1923. On March 10 she put into San Pedro leaking; sailing again on the 29th, she was picked up off Flattery on April 20, with sails gone and one man dead on board, finally arriving at Seattle the next day. She then spent a year or so trading between the Northwest and San Pedro, and about 1928 was sold to become a fishing barge in Southern California. She is still afloat, under the name Rainbow. John Lyman, Pacific Coast Built Sailers, 1850-1905, The Marine Digest. June 21, 1941, p. 2.

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