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Aground but sinking at the stern,50yards off the shore near Sydney Australia, the 5,000 ton Malabar was shortly battered to pieces by a furious storm.

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MV Malabar was built for Burns Philp in Scotland 1925 for passenger cargo service between Melbourne and Singapore.
She was about 4500 tons.
She ran aground in fog at Long Bay just a few miles south of Sydney Harbour in 1931, she was stuck fast on the rocks and a couple attempts by tugs to pull her off failed.
The pounding of the waves broke her up within a few days and her cargo was thrown open to the elements and looters, shades of MSC Napoli on a smaller scale but never a good opportunity missed.

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She ran aground because the helmsman mistook hard a'port for hard a'starboard - or so the story goes. Everyone got off the ship, some passengers slept through the impact (she intially hit on an even keel). The race horses had to go for a swim and even the pigeons were rescued. It just so happened that the wreck occured during the Easter Long Weekend so 30,000 people did two things: visit the Easter show and watch the wreck break up. That night a storm swept in and lashed the wreck, she broke into three pieces and the funnel became a temporary geyser as water shot through it. Nothing remains of the wreck on the rocks but the engines, crankshaft, boilers and lower hull are diveable. The areas where she ran aground was called Long Bay (after the nearby jail), two years after the wreck the suburb was renamed (and is still known as) Malabar. :)

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