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Marabank (II)

Marabank (II)

Marabank (II)
Built: 1963 Swan Hunter and Wigham Richardson, Wallsend
Tonnage: 8,628grt
Owners: Bank Line Ltd
1978: Good Lady
1985: Broken up, Chittagong.

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This is one of the two Swan Hunter "spec" ships bought on the stocks by Bank Line. The other was the "Speybank".

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I've always wondered about these 2. they are so different from the Doxford and H&W ships that formed the rest of fleet at this time. Superstructure design quite different and Bank didn't favour bipods. Never found any hints to their origins in fleet histories.
Any other info on their background? Did SH hope that they would form the basis of a standard design or were they the result of a cancelled order?

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