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Marit Maersk

Marit Maersk

Marit Maersk
built in 1956
7136 grt
539 X64 feet (Some were lengthened by 40 feetabout 1966)
17 knots motor driven by B&W
Sisters: Liga; Leda; Lexa; Luna; Effiee. Some scrapped from the Maersk fleet in 1980
Photo taken as the Nina Bowater stood by a 'sinking' fishing boat that was still taking in fish. After sending a 'Mayday' an aircraft dropped a pump to the fishing vessel so it was pumping water as it took in fish. We were tasked by RCC to stand by and were relieved by a Canadian Coast Guard vessel after four hours. The boat refused to answere the radio, respond to blasts on the whistle or objects thrown at it. This delay eventually put us a week behind schedule because of weather and holiday weekends in port.
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