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Matco Thames Barograph Trace

Matco Thames Barograph Trace

Passage of a TRS? No a passage through the North sea, 3rd of December 1999. If you want to see what it looks like out the window see ''Lumpy weather'' taken the same day.

Appolgies for the quality - I had trouble keeping the camera steady

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Photo is very good considering the slope on that trough!!! That spells big lumps in the seaway

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Not having the luxury of a barograph, I did a manual trace of the barometer while on anchor watch off Bandar Shahpur. The pressure dropped like a stone, rose sharply and then dropped even lower, all in the space of an hour. The wind increased very quickly to gale force and we started to drag anchor. By the time we were safely riding to two anchors and I could check the barometer again it was back to where it started.

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