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Mediterranean Sky

Mediterranean Sky

Ex-City of York, 1953
Photo from Karageorgis brochure, 1986
Converted to ferry 1971.
Capsized 2003.

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few would believe she is the former - city of york - x ellerman bucknall cargo passenger ship

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And her half submerged capsized wreck is still very visible in Eleusis Bay, Greece to this very day.

In 1971 the Greek Karageorgis Line purchased the Ellerman City Lines quartet CITY OF DURBAN, CITY OF EXETER, CITY OF PORT ELIZABETH and CITY OF YORK for intended conversions into full time cruise ships and ferry's.

The conversions of the former CITY OF EXETER and CITY OF YORK into the MEDITERRANEAN SEA and MEDITERRANEAN SKY respectively by the Greek KARAGEORGIS LINE were indeed remarkable and they appeared totally unrecognisable from their previous guise as combi passenger freighters for Ellerman City Lines.

Whilst laid up in Eleusis Bay Greece in 2002 the MEDITERRANEAN SKY started listing after taking on water. In order to stop her sinking she was towed to shallow water but she eventually capsized in early January 2003. The wreck remains as such to this day awaiting it's fate.

The MEDITERRANEAN SEA was sold by the Karageorgis Line in June 1995 to Istanbul Sea Lines who renamed her TUTKU. She soon passed to Armon Trading, Piraeus who renamed her ALICE. After several years laid up and several thwarted attempts to bring her back into service she eventually arrived at Alagia, Turkey for scrapping on the 07 September 1998.

A third ship of the quartet CITY OF PORT ELIZABETH was also purchased at the time in 1971 by the Karageorgis Line and she was intended to be converted into a cruise ship but that never materialised. Although no initial conversion took place she was renamed MEDITERRANEAN ISLAND. She was renamed again in 1975 to MEDITERRANEAN SUN. After many years laid up idle in the shipping graveyard in Eleusis Bay, Greece she was eventually sold for scrapping at Kaoshiung, Taiwan in 1980.

The final ship CITY OF DURBAN had a similar fate to her sister the CITY OF PORT ELIZABETH. Although Karageorgis Line renamed her MEDITERRANEAN DOLPHIN no work was ever undertaken to convert her. She laid idle in Eleusis Bay until being sold for scrapping at Kaoshiung, Taiwan where she arrived on the 30 March 1974.

The CITY OF DURBAN was the last of the series to be built, but sadly she was the first of the quartet to be scrapped.


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