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Melbourne Trader
Melbourne Trader passing under Sydney Harbour Bridge
Melbourne Trader
Built: 1975 Framnaes, Sandefjord
Tonnage: 4,128grt
Owners: Australia National Line

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Nice photo Brent,
Was on this ship for over a year running between Sydney, Brisbane, Mackay, Townville, Cairns, Sydney, Pt Kembla, Bell Bay, Devonport,Burnie and back to Sydney one month on one month off. back in 77 and again in 83 when I finished my sea going career, we used to call it the shoe box. by memory 2, Twin V12 Peilstick engines, very noisy Screaming turbines. Tonnage : 4452
Net: 1935.
Official No:35548
thanks for info, did not know that it was built in Framnaes, Sanffjord.
Captain's at that time were:A.Watts, E. Woods,Leigh Webster,John Hadley, & D. Lumings.
Thanks for posting.

regards Anthony.

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