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I think this class looked sleek and purposeful when they were built in the early 70's.
I had a slight interest in them as my father worked for a company which was purchased by Malmros ( Trelleborgs Angfartygs).

I saw this ship at Wyndham , Northern Territories on 06/10/1979.
There were no buoys or navigation markers in the long creek / river ? leading to Wyndham and all movements had to be done in daylight hours. Salt water crocs were everywhere.
I was on a Shell product tanker which regularly ran there with fuel oil, diesel and petrol loaded in Singapore.

She was loading salted hides which must rate as one of the smelliest commodities in the world.

There was a semi - circular wooden quay with a railway , the loaded wagons would be shunted onto he quay and the hides unloaded.I don't recall there being any containerisation at the time, but I do remember the heat, the flies and the stink!

Amazingly she is still trading as the "MSC Federica" and is on the rotation:
Singapore - Laem Chabang-Ho Chi Minh-Ningbo-Pasir Gudang .


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