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Monstrous foolhardiness

Monstrous foolhardiness

The title I have given the photo is the one that A. A. Hurst gave it when he reproduced it in one of his books, but I can't refind his writings on the episode.
What we are seeing is a mate standing on the mainyard of the Herzogin Cecilie, getting ready to throw some papers over to the overhauling Ar

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Hi Jim, there's one of the Archibald Russel coming up as seen from the Herzogin that is uninteresting. Other's I can't remember, but there might be.
Hurst has, as mentioned, written on the episode somewhere, and also on similar ones that went wrong. Two Bordes ships, the Pacifique and the Rhone got too close during a bit of socializing between the Falklands and the Horn, with the reult that Rhone had to put in for repairs. Both captains were relieved of their commands. Regards, Stein.

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Hi Stein
"Square riggers: The Final Epoch" page 268, and also H G Mowat's great little monograph on ARCHIBALD RUSSELL, "Lonely Ships", page 144. Mowat has the incident in October 1928, as does Neil Cormack in his book on CECILIE; Hurst places it in 1929, but both in the North Sea. Cormack identifies the fellow with the newspaper as Captain de Cloux. The RUSSELL was deep loaded and with a deck cargo of timber, the HERZOGIN in ballast. [The RUSSELL "beat" CECILIE home by 11 days from Oz in 1929]. There's a picture of the HERZOGIN approaching from astern which was used on some Erikson promotional pieces [to deploy some 21st century marketing speak] cf the top left photo on the poster of page 133 of Basil Greenhill and John Hackman's "Herzogin Cecilie", but also page 269 of the big Hurst book.
That's enough books for tonight
best wishes

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