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Canadian Pacific.
Built 1921.
1939 Converted to Armed Merchant Cruiser .
1942 sold to Admiralty as submarine depot ship.
Do'nt know any more about her.

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My grandfather went from Liverpool to Quebec 12.11.1926

MONTCLARE Gibbs, Passenger Liners of the Western Ocean reports; S.S.Montclare was built at Clyde, Brown shipyard, years of service 1922-1942...16,400 tons, 549 x 70..2 funnels, 2 masts, GT-2 engines, 16 knots....540 cabin, 1270 steerage, sailed from Liverpool until 1928 and then Southampton, re-engineered 1929-31 and commissioned as liner-cruiser in 1939...converted to destroyer depot ship in 1944, sold 1955. Posted to The ShipsList by Paul Petersen - 11 October 1997] The "Montclare" was built by John Brown & Co.Ltd, Glasgow in 1922 for Canadian Pacific Steamships Ltd. She was a 16,314 gross ton vessel, length 549.5ft x beam 70.2ft, two funnels, two masts, twin screw and a speed of 16 knots. There was accommodation for 542-cabin class and 1,268-3rd class passengers. She was laid down as the "Metapedia" but launched on 18/12/1921 as the "Montclare". On 18/8/1922 she left Liverpool on her maiden voyage to Quebec and Montreal. In 1928, her accommodation was altered to cabin, tourist and 3rd class and her engines rebuilt in 1929. On 22/3/1929 she commenced an Antwerp - Southampton - St.John NB. Service and on 17/4/1929 an Antwerp - Southampton - Quebec - Montreal service. On 20/3/1930 she made her first voyage Hamburg - Southampton - Cherbourg - St John NB. and commenced her last voyage Hamburg - Southampton - Cherbourg - Quebec - Montreal on 9/11/1933. Between 1932 - 1939 she carried out 48 pleasure cruises, but some N.Atlantic voyages from Hamburg, Antwerp, Southampton or Liverpool. In Jan.1939 she was rebuilt to carry cabin and 3rd class only and commenced her last N.Atlantic voyage on 21/7/1939 fom Liverpool to Greenock, Belfast, Quebec, Montreal and Liverpool. On 28/8/1939 she was converted to an Armed Merchant Cruiser and named HMS Montclare and on 2/6/1942 was sold to the British Admiralty. In 1946 she was used as a submarine depot ship, and in 1954 was towed to Gareloch. In 1955 she was towed to Portsmouth and in Jan.1958 was sold and scrapped at Inverkeithing. [North Atlantic Seaway by N.R.P.Bonsor - Vol.3,p.1317] Posted to The ShipsList byTed Finch - 12 October 1997].

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Allied Warships
HMS Montclare (F 85)
Armed Merchant Cruiser

Navy: The Royal Navy
Type: Armed Merchant Cruiser
Pennant: F 85
Built by: John Brown & Co Ltd, Clydebank
Laid down:
Launched: 18 Dec, 1921
Commissioned: Oct, 1939
End service: 2 Jun, 1942

History: On 28 Aug, 1939 the passenger ship Montclare of the Canadian Pacific Steamships Ltd, Montreal was requisitioned by the Admiralty and converted to an armed merchant cruiser.
Displacement: 16314 BRT
Armament: 7x 140mm, 3x 102mm
Speed: 17 knots

Oct, 39: South Atlantic Station
Nov, 39 - May, 40: Northern Patrol
Jun, 40: Western Approaches Command
Jul, 40 - Apr, 41: Bermuda and Halifax Escort Force
May, 41 - Dec, 41: North Atlantic Escort Force
Mar, 42 - Apr, 42: Western Patrol
May, 42: Plymouth Command

On 2 Jun, 1942 sold to the Admiralty and converted to a submarine depot ship for the 3rd Submarine flotilla. 1954 decommissioned and in Jan, 1958 sold for scrap at Inverkeithing
Armed Merchant Cruiser

Northern Patrol


F 85
Canadian Pacific Steamships Ltd, Montreal

On 28 Aug, 1939 the passenger ship Montclare of the Canadian Pacific Steamships Ltd, Montreal was requisitioned by the Admiralty and converted to an armed merchant cruiser.

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