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The EOT in the center of the photo is electric versus chain operated as on a Liberty and Victory ship. As a very young third mate on the President Jackson which had a similar wheelhouse, we were approaching the Richmond Long Wharf in San Francisco Bay in a whole gale. The pilot John Wilson had two anchors down and was kedging his way into the berth. Two Red Stack tugs emerged out of the gloom and John asked the captain if he wanted to call them in. Captain Colivas declined and we continued with the job in these dire conditions with the rain coming horizontally with terrific gusts of wind and no tug assist. The ship took a run for the dock and Captain Wilson backed the ship Emergency Full Astern. I rang up Full Astern with a jingle. We were only getting about 30 to 35 RPM astern and the captain asked me to call the engine room and find out what they were doing. I called them on the sound powered phone and the young 1st Assistant answered “we’re Emergency Full Astern.” I relayed what I’d been told to the pilot and captain. At that point, the pilot walked over to the EOT and started pumping on it for at least a minute. The 1st Assistant got the message and opened her up and I watched the tach wind up to almost 70 RPM astern as the king posts started jumping. Bottom line, we stopped! After this incident and we’d gotten safely alongside, the pilot came up to me in this driving rain and put his nose about 2 inches from mine and yelled, “you want to do this for a living?” I answered in a very meek voice, “yes sir.”
Many years later when I was a pilot myself I approached Captain Wilson and told him this very story and he responded, “I don’t remember that, I don’t remember that!” I answered, “I do.”

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