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Moreton Bay   - Aberdeen and Commonwealth Line

Moreton Bay - Aberdeen and Commonwealth Line

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Nice rare photo! She is shown here in Aberdeen & Commwealth livery... green hull with buff funnel.


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Thankyou Stephen - I should have known and have edited it accordingly.
I made a voyage in Largs Bay as a troopship.. 10th June 1943 to 5th November 1943.
I was an AB.. 2,000 troops from Birkenhead for Algiers and the the 8th Army in North Africa..
From here to Lagos and took 2,000 Nigerian troops to Freetown where they transferred to Britannic.
Britannic was too big to enter Lagos... then to Takoradi and Lagos and embarked 2,000 troops.
We then rendezvoused with convoy WS 32 from Freetown and were bound for Bombay where the troops would then be deployed in the Burma campaign.
THe convoy called into Capetown for bunkers and stores then continued on voyage.
A few days later we received a report of the presence of a Japanese naval force in the Indian Ocean
so the convoy was diverted into Durban...with the All Clear six days later we continued on voyage and our escorts were cruisers Hawkins and Emerald and destroyers Norman,Quiberon and Rapid..
The convoy was Britannic Commodore ship - Largs Bay -Maloja -Tamaroa and Strathmore..
Uneventful voyage and we arrive at Bombay on 10th September -disembarked our troops then into
drydock for a few days.
Sailed for Port Said and here we took on 2,000 British troops who had been on a three weeks break
from the North African campaign and we took them to Augusta Sicily.
Then to Algiers for US troops and took them to Augusta...then we embarked about 500 walking wounded British and American troops for the UK..Arrived Cardiff on 5th November 1943 and I paid off.

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