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MSC Venice in a former life......

MSC Venice in a former life......

Passing the inbound -TFL Liberty- for Bremerhaven from the outbound -Dart Americana- on a bitterly cold 12/12/1981.
Built in 1978 by Hitachi Zosen ,Innoshima .
Lengthened in 1990. Now 16,471 g.t. & 19,631 dwt.
1,181 teu.

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Rick -

Interesting photo .... thank you - "MSC Venice" in her original life is more like it!!

These were good ships built in Japan by TNT Sydney for their TFL subsidiary and based on the design of the Australian coastal containerships "Kanimbla" and "Manoora" of 1969 (which, incidentally started the TFL service across the Atlantic as "Trans Europa" and "Trans America" respectively). I was Mate of "Kanimbla" when we delivered her to Singapore for conversion in 1976 - from carrying a mix of 20's, 40's and local 3 tonne containers in racks of ten, the ships were converted to purely 40-footers in Singapore for the Atlantic. Part of the conversion included pouring concrete over the tanktops to improve stability and to allow three-high containers on deck.

Is that a house flag on the outer port yard in this photo? And can anybody confirm its design - I can't imagine it is, or even that TFL would fly it, but it looks awfully like an ASP (Associated Steamships Pty. Ltd.) Melbourne house flag, as it was in 1981?


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Thanks for the very interesting info Mike, I had no idea that there was a connection to the earlier Oz ships you mentioned.
I cannot help with the houseflag - not a clue !


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As rotterdam port agent for TFL as well as for TNT this photo reminds me to a pleasant time. Indeed the tfl linerservice N/Europe / East coast USA started with the Trans Europa and Trans America. Names I remember: Capt. Haga and Ch.Off Otto Siljedahl. Capt. Haga is still in rotterdam.

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