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Newark Sterngland

Newark Sterngland

Sterngland seal as fitted to British Spirit, UASC K Class and some Blue Funnel ships. Circa 1980s

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I don't think I have seen the brochure before Hamish. I had the pleasure (?) of installing the first of them on a number of the Kuwait Shpg. Co;s ships at Hyundai in Korea.
No telephone conn. between the guy inside the hull, (or common language either!) so to pass instructions had to clamber down from the prop, no existent staging etc., up the dock wall, across the gangway and down the half built ship to the tail end, all to confer (?). OK? then retrace my steps.
You had it easy Hamish!
Mind you your quick lesson to me how to vulcanize the rubber ring was succesful!

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Hi Jim, Drydockings were much the same,no coms. and the added hazard of hull cleaning and painting, with the added difficulty of keeping shot blast shot out of the bearing surfaces. New installations were marginally more comfortable and predictable.

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Hello Hamish,
I seem to remember a very similar stern gland sealing system in the MV Benvalla. The tail shaft was supported and ran in a long white metal bearing both ends of the shaft had similar sealing glands. The shaft was oil lubricated with the pressure being maintained from a head tank about three feet above the inboard shaft gland.
I never knew the name of the gland sealing system but it seemed to operate very well.
I also think that the oil was circulated back to the tank from the outboard gland.
The white metal stern tube insert was manufactured at David Rowan's while I was there and was a bit of a novelty as most stern tube inserts were lined with lignum vitae, also very good for making poker handles, drumsticks, mallets and many other useful items.

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