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Not sure of name = Mikhail Kutozov

Not sure of name = Mikhail Kutozov

Seen Novorossiysk Russia 06-05-2009

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Mikhail Kutozov one of 14 ships : Admiral Lazarev, Admiral Nakhimov, Admiral Senyavin, Admiral Ushakov, Alexander Nevski, Alexander Suvorov, Dmitry Pozharski, Dzerzhinsky, Mikhail Kutuzov , Molotovsk, Murmansk, Sverdlov, Ordzhonikidze, Zhdanov,
in the Svedlov class of large light cruisers, fine good looking ships but totally obsolete on their commissioning day, originally to be a 30 strong class.
Mikhail Kutozov was built by Marti Shipyard at Nilolaev Russian 1951-4

L 689'04" B 70'07" Draft 23'08" Disp 13,500 tons standard and 18,300 tons full load
Machinery : twin screws, geared steam turbines, six o/f boilers 110,000 shp 32 knots, 3,800 tons oil fuel gave a range of 10,000 miles at 13 knots
Armamnet : twelve 152mm (6") C57 guns in four triple turrets - two fwd and aft, twelve 100mm (3,9") guns in six twin turrets - three either beam, sixteen twin 37mm AA guns, two sets quintuple 533mm torpedo tubes
Couls also carry up to 140 mines.
Armour : main belt 4" over magazines and machinery, decks in way of armour belt 3", 2" elsewhere, turret faces 3.9"

Mikhail Kutozov is the only surving example formely used as a training ship she is now a museum ship.

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I have seen a group of Russian ships with one of this class in bad weather. The frigates and destroyers were having a bad time, one of these vessels cruised sedately through the force 8 with a few waves over the deck.
Two of the class served as 'Command' vessels fitted with extra communications capabilities, 'Zhdanov'(Pr68-U1) and 'Admiral Senyavin'(Pr68-U2). 'Dzerzhinskiy' (Pr 70E) put the SA-2 missile at sea. This was the same missile which shot down Gary Power's in his high flying U-2 reconnaisance plane. Some B-52 aircrew who have been shot at with this missile described it as a 'massive telegraph pole.'
30 were planned in the class, 21 Launched but 8 were not fully completed*.
Project 68 bis
Built in four yards:
Baltic Yard, Leningrad.
Sverdlov, Zhdanov(Pr68-U1), Adm Ushakov(Pr68-A), Alexandr Suvorov, Adm Senyavin(Pr68-U2), Dmitri Pozharski, Kronstadt*(Pr68Zif), Tallin*(Pr68Zif), Varyag*(Pr68Zif).
Admiralty, Leningrad
Orzhonikidze, Aleksandr Nevski, Adm Lazarev, Scherbakov*(Pr68Zif)
Severodvinsk. (White Sea)
Molotovsk (Renamed Oktyabrskaya Revolutsia Aug 1957), Murmansk, Arhangelsk*(Pr68Zif), Vladivostok*(Pr68Zif).
Marti,Nikolaev, Black Sea.
Dzerzhinskiy(Pr70E), Adm Nakhimov*(Pr67-EP), Mikhail Kutzov, Adm Kornilov*(Pr68Zif).
The Project 68Zif were to have quad 45mm mounts instead of the twin 37mm's.
The mine rails on the deck were quite distinctive.
Orzhonikidze of Portsmouth harbour fame went to Indonisia in 1962, r/n Irian, BU 1972.
The Project 68 'Chapaev' was a prewar design, by A.N. Maslov, almost certainly influenced by Italian architects and the layout of the Sverdlov, designed by A.S.Savichev, merely increased the secondary gun armament of the Chapaev's.
The modifications to Dzerzhinskiy I have listed.
During later refits:
Zhdanov(Pr68-U1) X-turret was replaced by the OSA (SAN-4) on top a small superstructure.
Adm Senyavin(Pr68-U2) X and Y turrets replaced with Helicopter hangar and the OSA (SAN-4) missile system.
Adm Ushakov, Alexandr Suvorov, Oktyabrskaya Revolutsia and Murmansk (Pr68-A) received 8 x AK-230 30mm Gatling guns and assoc radars.
Adm Nakhimov*(Pr67-EP) striken in 1960 and scrapped in 1962, was fitted with the SSN-1 Surface to Surface missle system that preceeded the SSN-2 Styx.

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Nice picture against an atmospheric sky, complements the overall composition.

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