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Notre Dame d'Avor

Notre Dame d'Avor

A three-masted barque built in 1902 at Ateliers and Chantiers de la Loire, Saint Nazaire, France.
(2678 BRT)
June 1902 : Launched for Comp. Francaise de Navigation, Nantes, France.
1904 : Sold/Transfered to Soc. Nouvelle d'Armement, Nantes, France.
March 20, 1920 wrecked South of warding

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Blue Peter flying, tug ready, port anchor ready to cat, one man in her rigging loosening the last of the fore lower topgallant gaskets - "and we're bound for the Rio Grande," or some godforsaken nitrate port in Chile (with a sooty stop in Cardiff or Newcastle first?).

Sailing ships all look better when down to their marks, but particularly so the big steel carriers. This one - a Chantiers de la Loire G-type - also had a particular design: she was a spar decker with open railing around the whole ship. Must have been a wet ship generally, but you couldn't say the water would not run off her.
All accommodation under deck (note the portholes), running water for wash basins and toilets, two messrooms for the crew; not bad.

The G-type series consisted of, besides this one: Buffon, Guerveur, Sully, Turgot and Rene.

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