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Nr.6 - Cristoforo Colombo - Jan. 1, 1953

Nr.6 - Cristoforo Colombo - Jan. 1, 1953

Cantieri Ansaldo - Genova

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As a shipbuilder I find this series of photographs very interesting. In 1952/53 the builders had made no progress towards prefabrication. Most of the UK yards (with the notable exception of H&W) had moved over to this much quicker and cheaper mode of construction by that date.
It looks as though the strange overhead pully type of cranage would not cope with prefabricated units. It is also interesting to note the slow progress of construction of the un-named ship on the left of the photos.


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Dear Fred,
Thanks for your authoritative comment to incomplete (to honour 24 hours) series: the exact analysis has expressed too our friend Brian.
Best regards,Piero.

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