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NSS Savannah 65

NSS Savannah 65

Passing NSS Savannah on the north Atlantic in 1965. Pic taken from Cunard's Alaunia or Andania, I don't remember which. Apologies for the inconsiderate stanchion which got in the way of a hastily grabbed shot.

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Nice to see a shot of her at sea. I used to see her alongside in Charleston years ago. (The stanchion's lovely too!)
Lots of info on NS Savannah on the net, try this as an example
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You can take a tour of the inside of the Savannah by following the link at the end of this message. There is also interesting written information about the present status of the Ship and her power plant. I would suggest selecting "HD Flash" or "HD Quicktime" from the "Start the tour with" pull down menu. You can then hold down the "left click" button on your mouse and move the mouse right, left, and up & down and see all around, as if you were there yourself. Most interior portions of the ship are represented. These appear to be very recent photos, and she's held up well, since she went out of service 39 years ago! Also, you can zoom in by holding in the shift key and zoom out by holding the Ctrl (Control) key. Most of the pictures start a bit zoomed in to begin with.

The link:

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