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She was one of NZSC Cadet ships. she was reported to have sailed part way across the Nth Atlantic, after having engine trouble. No doubt some of the old NZ people will clear this up.

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I recall her at Christmas 1963 in Cornerbrook Newfoundland loading newsprint at Bowaters paper mill she was at that time on the MANZ run. On Christmas day we were invaded by a gang of her cadets, I was on the Nicolas Bowater alongside. The cadets took all our fire hoses out of the fireboxes, dumped them on the quay followed by the shore telephone whick was smashed, then they discharged all the fire extinguishers they could find finally the took the ships bell and held it for ransom.
After that episode I never thought of NZ cadets with any respect, I know one should not judge everyone by the actions of the few.

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